Our business strategy stems from the inspiration and innovation we draw from the natural and built environments surrounding us. We are young at heart, travelled, well read and always open to the next relevant ‘eye opener’, thought or challenge.
Ark Interiors – “Creative, smart interiors”

Nothing more than total honesty is acceptable in the relationships we build. We enjoy inspiring and building trust amongst all those we choose to have commercial dealings with.
Ark Interiors – “No bull”

Our view is concise and serious. Client confidentiality is paramount in providing the bedrock relationships can be built on and remains integral in all our undertakings.
Ark Interiors – “Secrets are safe with us”

We are Northern, forthright and bold. Wherever feasible we prefer to put forward the braver option and will not step back from sharing home truths with our clients.
Ark Interiors – “Tell it how it is”

Transparent pricing, recognition of budgets and flexible adaptation to client needs. That alongside talking openly about money pretty much explains what everyone needs to know.
Ark Interiors – “Marked-up not made up”

Design & Planning
The long view is that, we do this for a living and have the experience to undertake everything for you. We respect that, we’ll be working in clients environments and workspaces, clients need our works to go exceptionally well and that, clients probably only ever want to undergo this process once.

Our teams understand client input and its translation is vital. Plans are always built around a clients business and liberally scattered with achievements and mileposts.
Ark Interiors – “We build trust, deliver nice surprises and stay in touch,”

Achievement of stated project objectives is always our goal. We not only provide fit out services, we leave lasting environments for our clients and their customers to continually measure and judge us by. Therefore, our selections are critical to our own long term success. We will not compromise.
Ark Interiors – “Only the best will do”

It all adds up to a real return on investment, so, please talktous or call on 01482 212515